Our people
Our people , Our family

APS Group is a family business that was founded in 1985. Our core company culture of 'helping others' has built a positive and passionate team atmosphere, where every challenge is met with a 'Can Do' attitude.

Our people are our most valuable asset. The team at APS Group is made up of highly competent people, with some of the most diverse backgrounds, cultures and skills around. This diversity all contributes to our combined wealth of knowledge, experience and capability. We are brought together by a shared desire to provide a more innovative, cost-effective, customer-based solution, to the challenges associated with procurement within the Mining, Construction and Building industries.

Our Team Members

Gavin Warnock
General Manager
Mark Warnock
Sales Manager
Steve Warnock
Operations Manager
Charlene Shepherd
Administration Manager
Raeann Kanawati
Alan Simon
Syed Hashmi
Jeffrey Pajarillo
Aaron Davies
Fabrication Supervisor
Luke Taite
Logistics Coordinator

APS Group strongly believes in the value of initiating and maintaining a personal, honest, working relationship between every employee and client. This proves invaluable in understanding your unique requirements in each situation and allows effective communication especially when out on site. Our mission is to ensure you 'peace of mind', knowing that APS Group will supply what you need and when you need it.

Information sharing is highly promoted amongst our team. Through our constant association with unique and diverse requests we are continually learning and knowledge building in all areas of every industry. A high percentage of our people are qualified tradespersons with extensive on the job experience, that's why we can genuinely understand and relate to your challenges.