APS Group provides a unique supply solution across every industry sector.

At APS we pride ourselves in competent and personalised service, giving our clients the confidence and assurance in our ability to deliver on time, on budget, to exact specifications. Our vast product knowledge and understanding of stringent industry requirements gives us the ability to provide for your total procurement requirements.

Your Total Supply Solution

APS provides a single point of access to an unlimited scope of supply.

Our clients have and continue to find the benefits associated with having easy access to product availability. This is especially valued in the resource sector due to the remoteness of site locations. By working with APS, not only does it minimise your down time in sourcing and determining suitability of each item, but also allows you to achieve the most effective and efficient result, without being limited by brand or supplier.

Whether you are requiring a standard off the shelf engineer specified item, or a custom designed and fabricated structure, APS has the capability and expertise to deliver.

Project Supply

One of our specialised services is complete project supply.

This has proved extremely valuable in maintenance shutdown scenarios, where down time is critical. From receiving the scope of works, our team will compile a full material take-off and liaise directly with the onsite shut planner or co-ordinator, to ensure every aspect and component required for the project has been accounted for, from planning to completion. The added benefit of this guarantees all items arrive in one convenient shipment, without having to track and consolidate each part from numerous individual suppliers.

A typical example would be a replacement section of pipework or conveyor chute. APS can provide initial design, then submission of shop drawings for approval. Full fabrication of structural components and surface treatment to required specification, supply of all associated fixings, wear linings, valves, gaskets and instrumentation. The complete job is then checked, packaged and delivered to site with full documentation.

Shutdowns & Breakdowns

APS is well acquainted with the costly consequences of down time from scheduled maintenance or breakdowns.

This is where APS has been proven to excel and offer the following benefits:

  • Project scope take offs
  • Full shutdown package supply
  • All components are pre-checked and accounted for prior to dispatch
  • All items arrive in one shipment ready for shutdown commencement

With our dedication to supply anything, anytime, anywhere, from fasteners to fabricated components, we have achieved a reputation for being able to deliver when all others deem it impossible. Our clients have come to depend on our commitment to go beyond expectations to have them back in operation, in record time.

Delivered Anywhere

Can't find that part your looking for? Trying to determine the best solution to a problem?

The team at APS have encountered thousands of difficult situations over the years, so there is high a chance we have experienced or been involved with a similar issue or scenario before, that we are able to advise from.