17 Nov, 2020

GEOHEX is a permeable, interlocking temporary flooring system that has a static load rating of over 1,000T’s per sqm. It can cater for fully loaded semi trailers keeping turf underlay free of corrugation and rutting. A cost-effective, environmentally friendly substitute to concrete, GEOHEX™ is the strongest permeable ground stabilisation system on the market. Australian made from 100% recycled impact resistant resin, GEOHEX is a high quality products we are proud suppliers of at APS.

Made from high impact resistant, 100% recycled co-polymer polypropylene, GEOHEX™ has been engineered to reduce erosion, maintenance, and logistics costs while increasing safety and water conservation. GEOHEX™ Erosion Control System can be used for a range of applications including Mining, Rural, Landscaping, Residential, Commercial and Civil. 

Also available is SafetyHex. Specifically designed to create safer site conditions and reduce site risks for contractors and visitors, Safetyhex is ideal for creating exclusion zones for:

  •  Loading and unloading bays or docks
  •  Vertical hazard identification
  •  Trench identification of depths greater than 1.5m
  •  It’s also effective in creating clearly defined safe zones for:
  •  Vehicle washdown bays
  •  Pedestrian walkways and paths
  •  High traffic site access points
  • Traffic Management
  • Hazard Minimisation

SafetyHex creates a permeable and safe surface for earthmoving machinery, maintenance vehicles and foot traffic and is capable of withstanding up to 1,200 tonnes per square metre when filled. You can view more information here.

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