01 Oct, 2019

Finally, a high quality chute inspection door that is built to exceed expectations. SERO have specifically designed and perfected their inspection doors to withstand the extreme continual wear experienced in typical applications, while maintaining easy, and above all safe, access for chute inspections and clean-out. These chute inspection doors are constructed entirely from premium grade 450 wear plate, making them superior to anything else in, abrasion resistance and durability. If minimising costly downtime is your goal, SERO doors are your next step to achieving it.

All SERO doors incorporate a 3 process safety access system.

Main Door – The solid outer door is secured with SERO’s unique, heavy duty, failsafe locking system. A fitted rubber seal ensures dust containment and vibration prevention.

Safety Door – Next is the safety door. This is fitted with jail bars and/or a mesh guarding and uses dual safety latches for secondary lockout. The mesh prevents hand contact with any pulley nip points and the jail bars, spaced at 90mm, prevent head access into the chute. A rubber seal provides dust containment and vibration prevention.

Safety Rails – Lastly, horizontal safety rails are built in to the design to prevent workers from falling into the chute when the chute doors have been opened. Once the plant has been isolated, this then provides maximum access for cleaning. For maintenance access, the rails are fully removable and internal access is gained in accordance with a DWP.

As an integral part of your plant, Sero incorporates all its premium features into each door, making it the ultimate in chute access solutions:

  • Full 450 grade wearplate construction
  • 3 Step safety access
  • Easy installation with a simple weld or bolt on process
  • Unique internal radius corner design for improved wear resistance
  • Long lasting nylon bushed hinges and latch for minimised downtime and maintenance free operation
  • EPDM dust seals, able withstand temperatures from 5 to 95 degrees celsius
  • designed fail proof locking device

Standard sizes include:

  • 450 x 450
  • 600 x 600
  • 750 x 750
  • 750 x 350
  • 1200 x 600

Custom options for the access doors include:

  • Custom sizes
  • Single or double door styles
  • Mild steel and Stainless steel construction
  • Mesh and/or Jail Bars on safety door
  • Door identification signage
  • Full range of surface treatments to meet site specification
  • MDR and ITP on request

APS Group are ready to support you with high quality SERO Chute Inspection Doors for personnel safety and infrastructure protection. Give us a call today on 08 9250 1730, email or visit

Click here to download our SERO Chute Inspection Door information flyer.

*Chute inspection doors are not recommended for use in applications where the material-flow path may directly impact the door. Inspection doors are not intended for use in hopper applications, where the depth of collected material may exceed the installed elevation of the door opening. These access doors should never be installed in any part of a potentially pressurised containment vessel.