26 Sep, 2019

Leading organisations around the world have been outsourcing area’s of their IT services for some time now. This has proven that outsourcing and off-shoring are successful business solutions. Now we are seeing a trend in organisations outsourcing their Business Processes to specialists as well. This is due to the fact that today’s transactional processes are not core to the business and can be handled by specialists. Given the current technology development with internet and security, it has become very easy to manage business processes from all around the world. It is because of this movement that CEO’s have had an increase in focus towards separating core and non core activities and outsourcing processes using third party providers.

Given today’s economy, companies with the motivation to improve their financial performance are directing their attention towards Business Process Outsourcing as a way to streamline their business processes and improve operational performance. When it comes to cost and performance improvements, an increasing number of businesses are looking towards Procurement outsourcing as a more viable strategy rather than going through their HR or F&A departments.

Here at APS Group we have years of experience in the mining and construction industry, specialising in procurement, fabrication and sourcing. We’ve worked hard to build strong relationships with suppliers around the world resulting in an exceptional ability to source anything you need efficiently while providing significant savings for you. With years of experience, we’ve seen the problems that companies face when looking for suitable site solutions.

Whether your project requires custom design, engineering and fabrication, or specialised hard-to-find parts and machinery, APS Group are your partner in procurement consolidation, delivering everything you need, on-time and direct to site.

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