Your Total Supply Solution

Advanced Procurement & Supplies (APS) provides a unique supply solution across every industry sector. At APS we pride ourselves in competent and personalised service, giving our clients the confidence and assurance in our ability to deliver on time, on budget, to exact specifications. Our vast product knowledge and understanding of stringent industry requirements gives us the ability to provide for your total procurement requirements.


APS strongly believes in the value of providing and maintaining a personal, honest, working relationship with every client. This proves invaluable in understanding your unique requirements in each situation and allows an ease of communication especially when out on site. Our mission is to ensure you a peace of mind, knowing that APS will supply what you need, when you need it.


The team at APS brings with it a broad range of previous on the ground experience including: metal engineering and fabrication, electrical engineering and maintenance, switchboard building, carpentry, plumbing, pumping systems, water processing and treatment, earth moving wear parts, automotive accessories, and food processing, to name a few. We continue to build on our knowledge in all areas of industry through promoting information sharing amongst our team and by constant association with vast and diverse requests.